The new SI-Alianza app is ready

The new SI-Alianza app is ready

The new SI-Alianza app is ready

SI-Alianza is a web platform for logistics operators that has been developed for 7 years to date, being the base of online services of Grupo Alianza Estratégica Portuaria. The application allows you to follow up on dispatches and consult the status of the group's clients' goods in real time. With the new version, it is also possible to see the progress of the operations and services in charge of the customs agency minute by minute.

The mobile version has been around for 4 years, however, with the same advance in web services, recently there has been a need for restructuring and expansion of services to complement the web version.

The new version not only extends functionalities of other business units but has become the operating tool of the customs agency's processors. The pre-registration process has changed radically compared to the traditional way, now it is 100% electronic from planning to execution in the yard. This is the most relevant feature of the re-engineering that was done to the mobile app that is available in the App Store and Google Play.

It is worth mentioning that the reengineering goes beyond the functionalities of the app itself, a complete UI redesign was done, the technologies and development framework were updated to the latest versions to have greater compatibility with new iOS and Android versions and much of the code was optimized.

If you are interested in knowing more about Grupo Alianza Estratégica Portuaria, visit their website.

"An extraordinary job has been done. We are confident that with this app we will be one step ahead of our competitors. Grupo Alianza Estratégica Portuaria has always been characterized by innovation and the search for areas of opportunity little explored by other companies". - Luis LópezPlanning Manager
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